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Campbell Medical Practice is a community focused practice whose mission it is to provide high quality, holistic primary medical care to the individual, their family and surrounding community.


Campbell Medical Practice is committed to serving our patients. We take  pride in our successes and take responsibility for our shortcomings. We strive to perform at a level that provides exceptional, outstanding innovative, ethical and quality service. Staff and clinicians endeavour to continue their own education and to be actively involved in educating future generations in healthcare. We strive to create a professional work environment that emphasises personal integrity, ethics, responsibility and accountability.


Campbell Medical Practice recognises the patient as being the most important person in the practice. We keep patient perspective, opinions, needs, interests and safety at the centre of every decision that it makes. Respect is deserved, not earned, and is the core of how we deal with each other and those whom we interact. We work in an ethical and responsible manner, without discrimination on the basis of sexuality, race or religion in an environment of teamwork, with mutual respect for each other’s abilities and functions.


Campbell Medical Practice values progression. We work together to find better solutions, and we are inspired when we learn something new. Those improvements can involve the latest technology, better models of care, or more effective ways to do our work.  

Campbell Medical Practice values compassion. We are consistently acting with empathy and integrity towards our patients and each other. Trust, honesty and confidence in medical care all start with compassion and understanding.


Campbell Medical Practice values accountability. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions, including our mistakes and mishaps. Improvement comes from learning from your past errors. Patient feedback can help us become more accountable and to enhance our medical care.

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